Unable to create Vault on the NAS

I has a relatively straight forward design in mind for my Cryptomator implementation:

  • Create a Vault on my LAN NAS (Debian 11/omv)
  • use rcone or pCloud native client on the NAS to synchronize the NAS vault files into the cloud.

So that file are always read/written in the NAS vault and synchronized by rclone.
Things didn’t work out as expected though… When trying to create a Vault from Windows 10 into the NAS via a mapped samba share I get the following error:


Is Cryptomator meant to work ok accessing mapped drives or UNC paths?

Forgive me I’m an idiot. My NAS changed IP address for no reason… It all works well now :slight_smile:

Just a further question on this topic if I might, if there a way to have Cryptomator refreshing the content automatically/periodically?

E.g. I write something on the NAS Vault, it get sync, if I have the Cloud Vault open (and mapped to whatever windows driver) I need to right click + refresh to be able to see the latest files. Can this be automated?