Unable to connect Onedrive

No issue back then but now it could not connect to onedrive via iOS, no issue on windows or android.
Error message is “The operation couldn’t be completed. (MSALErrorDomain error -50000.)”
It occurred after msft login page completed.
Cloud service status showed onedrive has been already logged in.

Please advice. Thanks.

anyone please? i’m still facing this issue…

By the way, i checked Microsoft account, it showed that onedrive was login via cryptomator ios, so it doesn’t seem to be access right issue…

I paid for the app and cant use it at all, is this how the support we shall expect as paying customer. It has been more than 2 months! @tobihagemann

Have you tried to sign out and log back in?

Yes, and had done this many times in trying…

Could you explain what’s ur error code mean?
"The operation couldn’t be completed. (MSALErrorDomain error -50000.)

I don’t know, this is part of Microsoft’s authentication library: microsoft-authentication-library-for-objc/MSALError.h at 9c277c9378858767a83d0be5877edbfa757a49ef · AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-objc · GitHub

Could you please go to the settings of Cryptomator and tap “Send Log File”? Hopefully, there are more details about the error there.


I have the same issue (MSALErrorDomain error -50000). Is there a solution for this problem?

Kind regards

Well, you could send in a log file that @tobihagemann had already requested.
I guess you also tried to „log-in log-out“?

This seems not to be a general issue. I’m also using OneDrive without problems.

I solved the problem by myself.

I migrated my cryptomator safe from one MS365 tenant to another and therefore I needed to delete everything (safe and OneDrive credentials) in the app. After I logged into the new tenant account I got the MSAL error. The classic „login and logout“ approach didn’t work.
Deleting the cache and reinstalling the app didn’t work out either.

Here the solution:
Log into the old tenant account → Cryptomator Cloud Settings → OneDrive logoff → Delete App Connection/Permission in new tenant Azure AD → Log into the new tenant account at Cryptomator App → select safe

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Hi, do you mean u need to create the crypted folder in a new microsoft account?

com.setolabs.Cryptomator 2021-10-03–04-58-53-433.log (769 Bytes)
I have these 2 log files created after login logout attempts.
com.setolabs.Cryptomator 2021-08-20–07-44-39-030.log (264 Bytes)

Please check @tobihagemann

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