Unable to add new folders to vault in File Explorer but can in Cyberduck

I’ll be honest, I’m very confused.
I’m running Windows 11 Professional
Latest version of Cryptomator (1.6.10)
I’m using a mounted cloud drive from Icedrive (5tb lifetime) to store a vault

Last night, after setting up my vault on the drive, I was able to add files and folders using File Explorer. When I encountered files that were over a certain size, I learned that file explorer has built in limits for webdav so I turned to Cyberduck.
I started over and “synchronized” the files (a documents folder) and let it run over night.
All the files are there now. However now, and I don’t know why, I can’t make new folders in Windows File explorer in the vault (after unlocking and viewing with Cryptomator).
I can make new folders in Cyberduck in the vault but they do not show up in Windows File explorer even after reloading the drive and restarting everything. I can however add files without issue.
For adding pre made folders from the computer I get “Can’t read from the source file or disk.”
For making a new folder within the vault through windows file explorer I get “Error 0x8000FFFF: Catastrophic failure”
And again, I can make them in Cyberduck but they never appear in windows file explorer so I don’t know if they are really there.
Any ideas! I’m sure I’m missing something obvious!
thank you all
edit: I can see files added in both Windows File Explorer and Cyberduck by accessing the vault from my mobile. Additionally, I can see the folders added by Cyberduck. So it seems my main issue is with Windows File Explorer not playing nice about adding new folders. As mentioned this seemed to happen after using Cyberduck, does using the two present any issues?