Unable to add existing vault from google drive in "Computers" location

I am not able to add and existing vault to the android app. The vault is in my Computers/My Laptop location in my Gdrive but only the contents of My Drive location is shown in the app. I have tried making a shortcut of the required folder to My Drive but Cryptomator app treats the shortcut as just another file and not a folder.
Screenshot 2021-10-29 205618

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Here you can find further information regarding this topic:

From what I understand, there is no solution for this probelm yet. I really need this feature as there are files in my drive that I don’t want to sync offline. ( By setting it up such that the entire My Drive folder is synced to my pc I could probably work around this problem right? )

I have tried to get a refund from Play Store but it says that it is not possible due to refund policy. Can I possibly get a refund in any other way? I am a student and I really cannot afford to spend money on this if it isn’t useful to me.

That’s correct.

For sure, if it doesn’t fit your needs…just sent you a direct message to initiate the refund.

@Siddharth_R using the latest beta, this is now possible using a workaround described in How to access shared vaults in Google Drive (just replace “Shared with me” with “Computers”). If you aren’t already a tester, you can join using this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.cryptomator