Unable to access vault


After syncing my vaults via Resillo Sync from the PC to a Samsun A71 i am unable to open vaults.

I can get as far as selecting the master key and its adds something to the front page, this is like a vault but it has no name. when i click on it i get a very brief request for a password then a message saying the vault has moved or been deleted. reinstalling the app has no effect.

I can make a vault just fine but cannot import them.

any advice please?



Hi. Please check if you really sync the complete vault including the vault root folder to your phone.
See here:

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Hi, thanks for your reply and suggestion,

the folder is not in the cloud but local.
It is not in the root, but nested F:\Pictures\Photos and on the phone SD://34se/resillosync/mobiledata/photos

regards. Beanie

This bug applies to all “clouds”.

If your vault is photos, please add SD://34se/resillosync/mobiledata, SD://34se/resillosync or the root folder of the SD card as custom local storage location and re add the vault…then it should work.

had to delete app and remove all existing syncs but finally after adding the SD card root as the storage it let me drill down to find the masterkey and add the vault.
Is this a bug that can be fixed or is the development of the app done?

This bug can and will be fixed :slight_smile: .

ok, thanks for your time & support.