Unable to access folder, too many files uploaded - alternate solution via third party webdav-client not work either

Hello there,

first, thanks for all your effort, I really appreaciate your hard work on that open source project cryptomator.

Second, I’m sorry to bother you with my problem, but it seems I finally did it: I am using a software called FreeFileSync to push all my files from my harddrives to the cloudservice pCloud. I use your green little robot software to encrypt the data. The thing is that one of my folders contains more than 30.000 files and Freefilesync somehow did it to push a lot of them in the cloud, the process aborted before it was finished. However, if I want to look at the folder now, when using Cryptomator, I get errormessages: When connecting via Dokany, it says the “folder could not be accessed, please check if the name is right, maybe there is a problem with your network”. If I connect via Dokany, it says that “there are not enough systemressources to execute the service”. Well I also tried to connect via Cyberduck. I click the folder and it says that the folder is getting loaded, but after more than 10 minutes it says “file not found, Status code 207, not a valid DAV response, please contact ur webhoste for further help”. In the past I used mountainduck so my testperiod expired. Do you know other clients that are compatible with cryptomator that I can try?

By using the pClouds own client, I can only see the encrypted 1024 folders. I might search for a folder there, that contains the most files, but I really dont wanna mess with the filesystem. The files in the pCloud-store are all backed up, but it took me already months to upload them. Before I delete every file now and start the whole process over again, I would like to ask, if you have any suggestions how I can delete the folder and create subfolders? I dont know if that is important, but I am in China right now and the pCloud-service is from USA, so maybe, if I go back to the western world, could it be possible that it will work, because I get a better connection? Right now I have to use VPN to access the internet.

Best regards