Ubuntu Server 18.04 with Syncthing - WebDAV vs FUSE?

I’ve been attempting to use the cli version of Cryptomator on Ubuntu Server 18.04 in the following scheme:

  1. Unlock vault and start WebDAV using java -jar cryptomator-cli-0.3.1.jar --vault vault=REDACTED --passwordfile vault=REDACTED --bind localhost --port 9995
  2. Mount vault to local path with echo "REDACTED" | sudo -S mount -t davfs -o uid=$(id -u),username="" http://localhost:9995/vault/ ~/sync/vault
  3. Point Syncthing to the unencrypted contents mounted at ~/sync/vault

However, it appears that performance is pretty abysmal in this setup; I have approximately 130 GB in unencrypted files to sync with more than one client and currently syncing may take well over a day, per client. In comparison, pulling the encrypted vault down over LAN using rclone takes about 15 minutes (from which I can then use a local copy to pull the unencrypted contents).

I’m wondering if there would be any possible performance gain (in general, not specifically in regards to Syncthing) in using the main desktop client to mount my vault using FUSE rather than WebDAV. If that is the case, is there any way I could do so without installing a desktop environment on the server? I’m new to this, so I apologise if I’m misguided or not doing something correctly.