Ubuntu 18, running Cryptomator problems

I configured an AWS instance so I can quickly transfer some files into a container from one place to another. Unfortunately, I cannot get Cryptomator running on Ubuntu 18, following the directions. I’ve tried both the *.AppImage and the PPA offered at ppa:sebastian-stenzel/cryptomator.

Of the errors I’ve received, this is the most recent:

21:40:19.474 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - java.library.path: /tmp/.mount_cryptoZVbiei/lib/app:/tmp/.mount_cryptoZVbiei/bin
21:40:19.477 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - user.language: en
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - user.region: null
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - logback.configurationFile: null
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.settingsPath: ~/.config/Cryptomator/settings.json:~/.Cryptomator/settings.json
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.ipcPortPath: ~/.config/Cryptomator/ipcPort.bin:~/.Cryptomator/ipcPort.bin
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.keychainPath: null
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.logDir: ~/.local/share/Cryptomator/logs
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.mountPointsDir: ~/.local/share/Cryptomator/mnt
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.minPwLength: null
21:40:19.478 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.Environment - cryptomator.buildNumber: appimage-1
21:40:19.514 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.ShutdownHook - Registered shutdown hook.
21:40:19.615 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.settings.SettingsProvider - Attempting to load settings from /home/ubuntu/.config/Cryptomator/settings.json
21:40:19.616 [main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.common.settings.SettingsProvider - Attempting to load settings from /home/ubuntu/.Cryptomator/settings.json
21:40:19.810 [main] INFO org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator - Starting Cryptomator 1.5.7 on Linux 5.3.0-1032-aws (amd64)
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Desktop API is not supported on the current platform
at java.desktop/java.awt.Desktop.getDesktop(Unknown Source)
at org.cryptomator.ui.launcher.UiLauncher.launch(UiLauncher.java:62)
at org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator.runGuiApplication(Cryptomator.java:91)
at org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator.run(Cryptomator.java:75)
at org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator.main(Cryptomator.java:48)
Cryptomator Failed to launch JVM

At this point, I’m taking down my instance until I can figure out how to do this correctly. According to the directions I’ve followed, this and the *.AppImage should just work.


Desktop API is not supported on the current platform

Sounds like that there is no GUI or that the GUI cannot be loaded? You could try the CLI version of Cryptomator instead: https://github.com/cryptomator/cli

This might be a known bug, see #1230 on our issue tracker for a workaround.

Could it be that Ubuntu 18 is too new.

Barring this, I wonder if it might be helpful to have pre-made system images, such *.vmdk for VMWare Fusion) (et al) or an Amazon AMI for use in the cloud. That would help someone get up and running quickly.

Definitely not.

Cryptomator is not designed to run in the cloud/on servers. Is it possible that you are running it on Ubuntu Server? Then it is no wonder that no GUI was found and you need to use the CLI version of Cryptomator which @tobihagemann suggested.

The Ubuntu instance is/was a full desktop. I have clients that run their entire business using AWS instances; Cryptomator should work fine in that environment with a supported OS. Looks like there may be a few issues here to work out, first. I’d like to see an AMI or VMDK with things pre-loaded, or a proper package that configures all dependencies which would make it easier in Linux. MacOS works fine, out of the box.