Trying make a Donate


I’m trying make donate, monthly, $.
This page: Donate
I click “proceed to stripe” and nothing happen. I used different browsers: firefox, microsoft edge, google chrome, tor browser. It does not work for me

I don’t have extensions in google chrome and microsoft edge. I did not change the default settings. Console in this 2 browsers is empty, no messages. If I make second click on “proceed to stripe” I receive a message in console “It looks like Stripe.js was loaded more than one time. Please only load it once per page.”

Country: Russia

Thank you for reporting this bug! :raised_hands: Just fixed it. Please try again and thank you very much for your support. :slight_smile:

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doesn’t work

error on the screen (used google chrome, microsoft edge)

Oh, I haven’t tested $, looks like a different error. That’s embarrassing. Looking into it right now. :sweat_smile:

Should work now. I distinctly remember that I messed something up last year but was quite certain that I fixed it. Now I’m wondering how long this has been like that. :confused: Thank you again for reporting it!

yeah, now it’s work. Thanks for the quick solution the problem

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