Trouble with ShareX screenshots


I have a Dokany vault (Cryptomator version 1.5.4) where I use to store content from ShareX, an application to take screenshots and record short videos for those who are unfamiliar with it. You specify a target folder and the content goes directly to it.

So, since the target directory is a Crytomator Vault, it takes a while to process the information. But the problem I’m having is whenever I try to open the folder, usually to get some image/video to be uploaded, the Windows Explorer window gets unresponsive for quite a while and sometimes it even crashes.

It might be relevant but I’m also syncing this vault through pCloud, which seems to also create a virtual drive.

Does the folder in question contains a lot of files or big images from which a preview is loaded? To prevent crashes, you can activate the Custom Mount Options and increase the number after the --timeout option.

The problem, that folder with a lot of files needs a long time before they are displayed, is known to us.
After the next release (which happens soon), we plan to improve the performance when Dokany is used.

Another “workaround” would be to split up the directory into smaller portions.

ShareX split the files into folders by month, so the current one have around 50 files, a few of them being very short videos (5Mb max in size). That is why I thought it was acting weird.

However, I’m gonna try your suggestion on Custom Mount Options.