Triggering Windows Defender SmartScreen


Maybe this topic states the obvious or is nitpicky considering Microsoft’s attitude/support towards certain software, but I was noticing that Windows’ Defender SmartScreen was triggered by the official .exe download from

It blocked the application from being run, but does not note that it’s malicious - just not recognized. I still found this surprising considering that I have had much more obscure software not raise any flags with Windows. Is it possible that the encryption aspect of Cryptomator is what Windows is wary of being run? Is this something being experienced by other users?


I suppose it is simply the fact that Windows doesn’t know this exe yet. Even many AV softwares don’t just “detect malware” but rather whitelist non-malware. For Avast and Kaspersky we can actively push our exe to a whitelisting service, but I’m not aware of such a thing for Windows.

After a few thousand installs of a newly released version (on systems that share usage statistics with MS - which is probably not our primary market) Windows will know the exe.

This is all just my guess, not a fact-based explanation.

Behold, apparently there is this:

That makes sense - the latest version is only a little over a week old. Thanks for the link, I wasn’t aware such a thing existed either.