Tried making Cryptomator on web that can access over WebDAV

Hello. I have been making an web app with React that can access Cryptomator vault over WebDAV protocol. Not that I made this because I’ve seen demands for it, but just simply because I couldn’t think of something else to develop. Now that I made some progress, I didn’t know what to do with it, so I decided to share it here. I supposed it would be useful if your primary use case of Cryptomator is to hide files from the cloud provider, and you’re in hurry. Decryption is done purely on your browser, but can’t say how secure that would be. Basic features such as downloading, uploading, creating folders in vault should work.

This is the link to the repo: GitHub - MangoCubes/cryptomator-web: Access Cryptomator vault over WebDAV in browser without installing any programs
The public instance for this web app is here: React App

I’ve done some testing, and it works to some degree, but definitely not bug free. This is my first time writing a project to share with others, so I guess feedback would be great.
I know, my React code is horrible, I learned React and Typescript from pure trial and error.

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