Trial Period for App


Is there any option for a short trial period for iOS app (1-5 days)?

I’d like to explore if Cryptomator is a suitable solution for my needs, but the price on the app is prohibitive for a trial. Will be glad to pay the amount once I can ascertain that Cryptomator works for me.

Thank you.


Hi Carl.
You can get a refund from Apple within 90 days if you want to return the app.
Within 14 days, you can do this without naming a reason (as far as I know).
That should be enough time for a test.

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Thank you for your quick reply Michael.

Maybe we should add this note to our documentation (for iOS and Android)…will do it if I change anything else there.

Also consider an in-app one-time purchase, instead of having the fee upfront. I’m reviewing Apple’s app refund policy and am somewhat hesitant about it.

I already did some refunds on apps I wasn’t satisfied with. Never had any problems.