Too many files to use with Proton Drive

Proton Drive syncs my Cryptomator vault on the computer. The problem is that there are almost 60,000 files in one folder in the vault. Proton Drive only supports 30,000 files in a single folder and then the rest must go into a new subfolder. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to reconfigure my original file structure to get around this issue, but I am getting the impression that Cryptomator is unable to limit and spread the number of files in a single folder at this point. Is my assumption correct or is there a workaround I am unaware of and I should be finding a different cloud service to hold my files?

Are you within your refund period for proton drive?

Proton drive is a bit more expensive than Google and Microsoft because they are providing client-side encryption for you, and you are double encrypting it with Cryptomator.

Personally, I would seriously think about keeping your directories in a more manageable size.

If you want to use Cryptomator I would use it with a cloud service that doesn’t already charge you for client side encryption.

Alright so the directory structure reflects how many files are in the vault. I will have to figure things out with the software I’m using as it’s extremely picky about throwing certain things in a single directory.

Luckily, I didn’t buy Proton Pass specifically for Proton Drive. I work out of my OneDrive day to day with no issue. I’ve just been occasionally throwing in a copy of my vault into Proton Drive as an occasional back up on a different cloud service. I guess it is time to find another service to upload the back ups to.

I use Google and Onedrive as primary storage & pcloud as my backup cloud. I use a program called rclone to sync the files from each to pcloud.

Before selecting a different cloud provider, contact support and confirm that they don’t have that limitation.

Also, I did some research and could not find any documentation that says there is a 30,000 file limit, everything suggests that there is no limit so long as you have sufficient storage space.

Where did you find the documentation that shows that limit? Or is it just that when you try to copy files, it doesn’t seem to go beyond that?

I ran into the same problem with Proton Drive. Told me my folder was too big and to restructure my folder. With such useful info you can imagine why nobody seems to know why or how much is too much? I kindly showed me a ever jittering sync list and so I had no idea what to move or how much? I’m waiting on a ticket. If they say anything useful I will post here. As they have just totally trashed the VPN client they seem to be busy fending off angry customers… Like me!