Too many characters

I have been using the Google Cloud for a long time with Cryptomator via sync software with Linux and Windows computers. Now I have a new Windows 11 computer.

Have Cryptomator 1.6.5 installed and folders with contents are missing.
I also got the message that paths are too long and too many characters.
With Regedit I have set long characters to 1, but that does not help.

What surprises me, so far under Windows was always installed with Cryptomator Fuse, now only WebDav is available.
Could this be because of this? Can there be problems if you access with Windows via WebDav but with Linux via Fuse? On Linux, everything works fine, all folders and files are displayed.

Thancs for your answer !

Yes, most likely.
I recommend to install WinSFP and switch the volume type to fuse. (Will lead to shorter file path.)

No, that does not matter as using different volume types are not affecting the encryption itself. This is why you can change the volume type any time you want.

Good evening Michael,
I only had time today to try your recommendation.
Thank you very much for that, this is the solution and it now works perfectly.

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