Tiny font on Debian GNOME Linux

I have just migrated from Windows to Linux. The AppImage opens with a very tiny font that I cannot see (I am partially sighted). The app seems to ignore my font and accessibility settings. Searching for solutions, I wondered if Cryptomator uses Qt rather that GTK and whether that could be the problem? I installed qt4-qtconfig and have experimented with different settings, but none seem to have any effect on the Cryptomator GUI. I have been using Cryptomator on Windows for several years and have many files in my vaults that I need to get access to. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I can reproduce what you describe. If I change in GNOME settings the font size my programs immediately follow the setting, but the font size in Cryptomator 1.6.1 (AppImage) remains unchanged.

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Thanks, wurstsemmel, I appreciate you sharing that. Perhaps knowing that the problem is reproducible may hasten a solution.

I tried it again today. With Cryptomator 1.6.1 (AppImage), the app does not follow immediately the system setting for large font. But, the good news, if you close and open the app it follows the system setting for large font.

@cmo You may try it out, with the current version and re-opening the app your issue may be resolved.

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Yes! That works now! Thanks so much @wurstsemmel and the kind person who updated the code.

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