Timeouts while transferring to vault from within S3

I have a large number of files within an S3 (Wasabi) directory that I want to transfer into a Cryptomator vault.

I believe I’m experiencing timeouts during these procedures. I am taking one directory at a time, etc., trying to go slowly as my ISP (Comcast) has really crappy upload speed. I realize that doing so, the files must likely traverse back to my system there and again to the S3 presence.

I keep getting timeouts (ie: files not found) which I know to be incorrect as the files are there, so it may be an API related issue.

I’m trying to understand what’s happening and how I can mitigate the problem.

However, I also have a large amount of data hosted on Google Drive, and it occurred to me that, to bypass Comcast’s crappy restrictions, I might spin up an AWS instance and mount both the Google Drive and my Wasabi S3 drive, load up cryptomator and try transferring that way. Has anyone done this?

Thank you.