Time stamp while moving files to Vault

Hi guys,

I was trying to look around for a solution of how to keep the original time stamp and date while I’m moving the files to the vault which is on my cloud.

I know there is a a way by creating the Vault on my hard drive and there after uploading it to the cloud.

The problem with that is that it is taking my HDD storage.

Does someone have a better idea?


Not sure if it solves your issue but if you 7zip your files locally before uploading they should preserve all timestamp data when unzipped. You can try it with a few small files to see if it works as you expect.

Thanks for the good advice,

I use the USB drive to backup my PC.

I’ve seen that I able to sync the Zip’s content but only while the zip file is on my USB or HDD,

however I can’t “open” the Zip file on the virtual drive (F:) which is the vault drive.
Any farther ideas?

Otherwise every time I make a change inside the zip file on my USB I should reupload the whole Zip file to the virtual drive (f:).

Sorry I don’t think this will work for windows backups, I thought you meant regular files. Also, although I have used 7zip for single backups of 300GB+ , this is not meant for files that require updates because you would have to re-upload the entire encrypted file every time.

What exactly is the issue that is caused by the altered time stamps on your cloud? Does it break your windows backup? Maybe someone knows how to solve it or avoid it.

The backup is including all sort of files.

The only problem I’m facing now is how to compare and update the Zip’s contents both on my USB and my virtual drive (F:) which is the Vault, without reuploading the entire file again.

I am using Beyond Compare which does a perfect job but only when both of the files on HDD or USB, when it comes to the virtual drive, it’s just Stuck the software.

Bejond all these work arounds I am still curious what might cause this. I am also using cryptomator vaults as a backup target and do not have any issues with timestamps being modified. Which backup software do you use?

Hi Michael,

I wish I could find a simpler way :slight_smile: maybe you can show me the light :)?

Every time I copy a file to the Vault drive (F: in my case) it changes the times to the current times.
I’ve tried all the different Volumes (WinFSP, Webdav, etc…) it’s all keep changing the times and dates.

Which OS are you using? Anything special like copy/paste tools or anything that is not „usual“?
To be honest, I have no idea what might cause this, but this is not normal behaviour. Just by copy/moving a file the timestamp should not change.

Thanks Michael,
What you are writing is very interesting :thinking:

I’m using Windows 11 Pro 64,
Yes even a copy paste of a single file…

My virtual drive (F: the vault) is integrating with the drive (P:) which is on my cloud. When I copy paste a file to F: it’s changing the time stamp to the current time and date.

I assume you are using PCloud then?

PCloud shows a bug in combination with Cryptomator by not preserving the timestamp, we have a ticket for it on our issue tracker:

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Yes, true.

Does it happen only with Pcloud?

Any estimating to sort it out? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.