Third party app sync to G Drive

So I’m pretty new to cryptomator after reading things about Keepass + Cryptomator to keep everything in sync and encrypted.

I did get to know how the vault works and stuff but still having one more question:

I am using the app “Autosync Google Drive” to automatically keep my photo folders and some other folders in sync with Google Drive. Is it still possible to use this app with Cryptomator (Either the Vault itself or the Cryptomator App) and let it autosync everything to the vault? or can’t this be done?

Thanks in advance

You can use any sync software you like to sync your enrypted vault files with your chosen online storage, as long as the cloud service accept it.
Sync is not part of cryptomator. So just use the sync software you have used before.

Ps: as keepass already encrypt it’s data, there’s no need to encrypt it again within a vault. Just my opinion.

Your answer is perfectly right for the desktop application, but since this question is posted inside of #help:android, I need to correct this: The Cryptomator Android app supports syncing to Google Drive, but it doesn’t support reading data synced by 3rd party tools. (@SailReal, @markuskreusch, @marcjulian correct me, if I’m wrong).


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If the storage location of the 3rd party sync tool is accessible, you can use “local storage” inside Cryptomator for Android to add the existing vault. This is one of the reasons why we’ve added local storage support in the first place. :smile:

„but since this question is posted inside of #help:android

Ah, sorry. I didn’t notice that an thought he’s talking about desktop. My fault. Thanks for correcting.