The best way to Transfer and Sync Files to Google Drive

Hello guys! I am starting to use Cryptomator. However, I am having difficulty transferring my files to my Vault, within Google Drive. In addition to doing a file-by-file transfer, there is often no complete transfer; it’s like it’s just a part of the files. So, afterwards I have to check folder by folder to identify which files are missing. All of this manually. When I didn’t encrypt my files, I used some programs to synchronize files, like “Acronis True Image” or “Carbon Copy Cloner”. Is there any solution for Cryptomator? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

You should be able to use any tool with cryptomator you used previously with google drive. Just sync to the cryptomator virtual drive instead of the google virtual drive.

Hi there, friend. Thanks for answering. I have tried “Carbon Copy Cloner”, but it always pop me up a message talking about FUSE, etc. I really want to find a good tool to do it in MacOS.

I am not sure I understand your challanges. Let me try.

I assume

  1. you have your G drive synced to your local HD, This is also where your vault is.
  2. you have a copy of un-encrypted files on your HD.

Have you tried open the the vault and sync with your un-encrypted files?

On windows, the google drive synch mechanism was slow and lethargic, and seemed to do things out of order. It would start, then pause or go to sleep. And uploading the original vault was going to take a week (only 20 gigs!)

Then I discovered RCLONE. Rclone has all sorts of additional settings for optimization. You need to set it up with your own (or borrowed) client id. You can find settings online for transfer optimization. This made using Gdrive much more reasonable to work with.

The downside is that you have to run Rclone from a command line. And it doesn’t work automatically AFAIK. And there’s a learning curve for how to set it up. However, it might be worth it at least for your initial upload.

Firstly I want to say thank you for all your help here. All of you are helping a lot.

I read a lot about RClone but I don’t think it is easy to use. I need to hurry up a little bit cause I need to back my files up.

I am conditioned to use softwares with interface. So of the only way is RClone I will try to study it.


Try Google Drive Sync by metactrl. Must get any premium version for the essential features, reduced battery usage, push updates from other synced devices. It has performed flawlessly for years. A crucial benefit is a vault copy is on your device so there’s never a concern with Cryptomator sending your data unencrypted across the internet when you have to export/import files to update them. It is by far the best sync solution I have found for android. Goodsync is by far the best for Windows to your NAS but it is now subscription based which really sucks. Both have preformed flawlessly for me for years. Nothing else I have found compares to either.
My bad, for some reason I thought you were trying to sync with android. I would never ever use acronis again. There is nothing good about their software…I used it for years and when I really needed Acronis to come through for me it did not, I lost about 10 years worth of ALL MY DATA! Do not believe what they tell you. Their backups are not compatible with other devices and not even retrievable from other devices!! Do not believe what they claim!! Anyway, something you might try is Goodsync from your PC to Google Drive. You use it in place of the Google Drive app and it works phenomenally. It can be a chore to learn the settings but once you do you are like a sync God! :grinning: It does block by block sync rather than syncing the entire files which will dramatically reduce your data use.
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much. I will try Goodsync! Amazing tips here!

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GoodSync is a good and reliable choice for such cases, also you can take a look at the other alternatives like Carbonite, Syncback, Gs Richcopy 360, or SyncThing.
Also, there are free tools like Duplicati and FreefileSync