Text viewer for cryptormator android app


i installed cryptomator on android. Great work by the way.
Then i was trying to open an text file (.txt) as i did on my iphone just to view it, but on android i was asked to choose an app to open the text file. In my case a take the “microsoft word app” to look in to my text file. But after locking cryptomator, the file is still cached by the “microsoft word app”. Also after rebooting the phone i can still open the file from “last used” within the “microsoft word app”.

So my question is:
Is there the possibility or will it be added to the app to view a text file within the cryptomator app so that everything is closed again and not reachable anymore if i lock cryptomator?

Greetings, christophK

If I’m not mistaken, we’ve built in editing support for plaintext (.txt) files in version 0.6.0. Press the small arrow on the right and then select “Edit”.

Thx for your answer.
I’ve already seen this function. But cryptomator is still in beta, so I would like to open it without the ability to edit it, to avoid losing data.

But OK, i think my question is answered. Btw. i think it would be nice, if i could just click on the .txt file to view its content in a build in browser. :slight_smile:

Greetings, christophK

Ah, now I understand. :laughing: Viewing inside the app without editing. Yeah, that makes sense. You’re right, that’s currently not possible. I’ve created a feature request on GitHub.

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