Team Drive in app android (shared Drive?)

Hello everyone,

I rencently bought the android app, and i tried to open and sync my account in google team drive, but i could not make it work. The program works fine in my computer using Team Drive.

How can I make it work in the android app?

Using the app, I can only sync the google account, but not Team Drive.
I encrypted the files on the PC (using Team Drive), but i can’t find a way to config and be able to see it on the android app.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

If you click on Add existing vault, select your Google Suite (former Team Drive, only the name changed) account, what exactly happens? Do you see some folders but not all? Do you see no folders at all?

What could be the case is that you have placed your files in the Shared drives section of Google Suite which is currently not supported, see Access folders in “Shared drives” of Google Suite for further information. Or did you placed those files inside the Computers section of your Google Suite account? This is unfortunately currently not supported as well, see Cannot add or create a vault using Google’s “Computers” location for further information.

That was very helpful, thank you! The problem was indeed the shared drives section. Is there any chance that this will be supported on the app, as it already is on the computer?

Do you have a G-drive account for tests and need someone to enable the shared drive? Maybe I could try to help with that, if needed.

Also, just so I don’t need to open another topic: I have noticied that on the android app I can’t log into two different accounts at the same time (G-drive accounts, for example), and if I logout of the first account and login the second, I can still only access the files of the first account… and I am only able access the files of the second account if I wipe the cache and app data. I have just noticed that if I close and open the app again,it will show me the files of the last account I have logged in (in this example, the second). This works fine for me (close and open), but decided to repport anyways. :slight_smile:

We will definitely implement and support shared drives in the future.

We have test accounts but thank you very much for the offer!

Yes, this is also an issue that we must and will address:

Thank you very much for reporting, just created this bug report, we will fix it the next days:

Good day Sirs,
Any further developements on this topic of including team drives/ shared drives of Gdrive in crypt app.
How soon can we expect the release/update?
Plsd to hear,

We will definitely implement and support shared drives in the future.

Any update on this as i am unable view shared drives in the cryptomator android app to create vaults. I am currently using version 1.7.5.