System-wide settings?


is there a way in Cryptomator to make system-wide settings that apply to all users? We are using it in an environment where users cannot install software; that is taken care of by automated deployment.

My immediate concern is the feature introduced in Cryptomator 1.10 that asks the user every two weeks if they want to check for updates. However, there are other things that I would like to override, such as disabling the option to save the vault password and preselecting the correct mount provider. Editing settings.json during logon is not an option I would choose because it does not help when a new user runs the application for the first time (and also, the user would be able to change options anyway).

I looked at the code, and it appears that only the first settings file in the cryptomator.settingsPath property will ever be used, and that one needs to be user-writable.

What can I do? I would prefer to avoid digging into the code and hacking in some kind of second settings file that takes precedence over the user’s, so if there is already a facility that can do something like this, please tell me.

Thank you.

There is currently no option to prevent a user from changing settings.

Regarding the update check: It can be suppressed by unticking the option “Check for updates” in the general preferences. Edit: See below.

My bad, i was wrong.

There are two app states:

  1. You disabled “Check for updates”: Then every 14 days you are asked about to activate the option
  2. You enabled “Check for updates”: Then you won’t be asked, but the app shows a red dot as soon as a new version is released.