Syncing Vault with Google Drive

Hello there Cryptomator Community!

I just got started on Cryptomator and I think I got the hang of how it works locally but I have some questions about syncing it with the cloud.

I want to put all my photos in a vault and then sync this vault with Google Drive but since I keep taking new pictures this vault needs to get updated constantly.

How do I keep updating my encrypted vault on the cloud? How do I only add the new pictures to the cloud while leaving the existing ones on the cloud?

I hope I was able to make myself clear.

Thanks in advance!

You will need to move your vault to a folder that syncs to google drive in the cloud,

Heres 3 possibilities for you to consider for updating it

  1. Setup a backup job to your vault, there are many free backup and sync programs, eg Personal Backup - Remember to unlock your vault before running automated backups!

  2. The simplest way, most cameras organise photos in folders, eg DCIM0001 DCIM0002. Just copy the new folders occasionally directly to your vault

  3. If you are using a mobile phone to take pictures, Cryptomator mobile has an automatic photo upload feature.


Thank you for your reply!

Why do you need to unlock your vault before running automated backups? Wouldn’t everything in the encrypted vault be backed up whether it’s open or closed?

This is true, but there may be time, where Cryptomator is unmaintained and does not work anymore on the OS. And if the data is encrypted, it would possibly be rocky and pricey road back to your data. Hence, an unencrypted backup is not bad idea. In the end you have to decide wether to take the risk that someone finds/steals the unencrypted backup.