Syncing from Windows 10 to iCloud (searching for unsynced files?)

I miss some files in the synced “d”-folder in iCloud-Drive (syncing from Windows 10 to iCloud). Because of the amount of files its not possible to check manually any folder/sub-folder.

What is the best method to search “unsynced” files in Windows 10-Explorer in the Cryptomator “d”-Folder?

You can use cyberduck to connect directly to your iCloud Drive. Cyberduck comes with a sync function and compares you local files with your online files. This will work for (encrypted) vault files as well.

Or you use any other software that can connect to your iCloud Drive and can compare it with your local drive.

(But usually the iCloud app should detect any differences)

Thank you for the quick answer.

Yes the iCloud app detect any differences but in some cases the Windows explorer shows in the cryptomator “d”-folder some subfolders/files with status “synchronization pending” (two blue arrows). In this case for example i have to shorten too long filenames in the mounted vault. Then it syncs the encrypted files in the “d”-folder perfect.

But i have seen some files in the “d”-folder that shows nothing in the status (Windows explorer). If i click on these files without any status (no green check mark, no two blue arrows) it shows a note “excluded from synchronization”. If i check these files in the decrypted/mounted vault, it seems to be normal pdf or word-files. Strange…