Syncing contents of multiple vaults


I just purchased the Android app. Looks good so far.

Is there a feature in the works to make syncing the contents of multiple vaults easy? I am trying to ditch my PC and go full mobile. Making sure all my files are properly backed-up at the multiple storage providers I want to use is top priority for me. Would be a shame if I have to do it all manually.

Ideally I would like to be able to upload new files to one vault. An option would appear on other vaults to sync them to the contents of the first vault.

What do you think?

As cryptomator does no sync at all, I guess this will not be a feature in the near future.

Well, it would not be a sync, really. Just allow for different Vaults to be combined into a collection of sorts. Then, when the user wants to upload a file, the click on the collection instead of the individual vaults. In background, the file would be uploaded to all storage facilitators, but the user only performs one action.