Syncing between computers stopped after software update

I am using Cryptomator with a Google Drive folder on Windows 10 and syncing between 2 computers. I just updated to CM 1.55 . After the update I had to update the databases too before unlocking them. I did this on both computers. Now, the encrypted folder on the two computers are not synced anymore. Anything I change on one computer, will not update to the other computer, and anything I change on the other computer will not update on the first. The files and folder structures were all identical up until the update. I had been using CM (older version) for at least 4 months with no issues. Any idea how to get the encrypted folder to sync on the two computers again? Or maybe I just need to wipe it from one computer and reinstall? How would I wipe from one computer without danger of actually deleting all files? Thank for any help. One of those (oh, why did I update) moments.

Are you sure that the Google Drive sync client has finished syncing? Or maybe restart the Google Drive sync client to give it another spin?

Thanks, well, the Goodle Drive said it was “Up to Date”. I disconnected (right word) the google drive and restarted it. Then Every folder in the Cryptomator folder got doubled. And it was impossible to delete the duplicates, they just stayed there. And it was impossible to add more files (said can’t access drive). I ended up just deleting the whole cryptomator folder and restoring from an unencrypted backup I keep on an external drive.
I guess I would recommend… before updating CM on a second computer, wait an hour or so (after starting the second computer) because google drive may not be up to date even though it says it is.