Synchronisation issue OneDrive

I use Cryptomator with MS OneDrive across multiple computers but I have just realised that on one of them, which I hadn’t used in a while, Cryptomator seems to have stopped synching the files some time in April this year and I have absolutely no idea why. Everything else in OneDrive (i.e. my work files) are synched OK. The only files that are completely out of date are the ones in Cryptomator. My other computers aren’t affected.

Suggestions for help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Hi. Cryptomator desktop does not sync anything.
It doesn’t connect to your online storage, so it cannot sync.
I suspect a misconfiguration of your onedrive client. Please check that the local storage of cryptomator (where cryptomator creates the encrypted files) is included into the sync.

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What your screenshot shows are files in their unencrypted state. Otherwise I could not read their names. Btw you should mask this.
What you want to sync with your online storage are the encrypted vault files.
Please go to your cryptomator app. Below the vault name on the left side is the path where you can find the encrypted vault files. These files have to be included in the sync of your sync client.

And if at some point the sync client did stop syncing, then you have to check your sync client to find out the reason. As said, cryptomator desktop does not sync. It does not trigger the sync. It just creates, modifies, deletes files on your local machine.

Thanks for your help, Michael! I managed to solve the issue by removing the vault and then adding it again.