Sync to Onedrive with Cyberduck (without OneDrive client)


I have a Cryptomator vault on my local hard drive for sensitive files. The vault is pretty big, about 200GB. The content should always be encrypted, even locally. It is only unlocked briefly when needed. I had used VeraCrypt for this before, but Cryptomator is better for me because the size can be adjusted dynamically.

Now I want to include cloud backups in my backup strategy (I make different backups locally to nas, external drives etc), so this is just another safety for the worst case. I have currently created two new accounts for this. 1x OneDrive and 1x Google Drive. These accounts are only for backup, and I cannot use the client from Microsoft or Google for synchronization (because I use the clients for my main accounts for this service).

Since the content of these vaults does not change that often, I manually synchronize the content with Cyberduck to the cloud, since you can add as many cloud providers as you want. So I can then sync the vault to Onedrive and GoogleDrive.

I’m aware that this is not really a backup, and I’m scare of files corruptions. So, I’m searching for new ideas.

What other options would there be?

  • Duplicati is a free software which offers backups to the cloud
  • Arqbackup is a paid software. Sounds good, but it is only one developer and who knows what will be on the software in the future.
    Maybe you have another idea?

Are you aware that you can add multiple accounts to OneDrive and GoogleDrive (Google Backup & Sync) clients?

I think OneDrive (Personal) don’t have the possibility to have different accounts. I searched for this before, but never found. Google I’m not sure, as I’m not actively using it.

I’ve been using Duplicacy for many years:

The CLI version is open source and free.

It’s very robust, doesn’t use a database (DuplicaTI’s weak point; and DuplicaTI has been in beta for years?!?). As DuplicaCY’s design is based on the name of the chunks, it is solely based on the cloud provider’s filesystem.

And always remembering: sync is not backup. For backup, use backup software, like Duplicacy.

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Thanks for the tip. I did not know Duplicacy yet. It has a subscription model, but that is ok for me, if it is a good product and thus the further development is ensured.

I will try to find out what the differences are to Duplicati. If you have used both or know the biggest differences, I would like to hear your opinion.