Sync/mirror unencrypted folder with Cryptomator Vault in Linux

Hi everyone,

On my Linux PC I’m trying to sync/mirror my document folder containing unencrypted files with my Cryptomator Vault. This vault is then uploaded to pCloud. The goal is to have a backup of my documents which is always up-to-date and sent to the cloud (encrypted by Cryptomator).

Has anyone done this on their Linux system? For example using another application, or maybe just some rclone scripts and scheduled in crontab?


More generally speaking, how are you automatically keeping data in your vaults backed up and up-to-date?

I just installed Cryptomator in the Linux environment of my Chromebook (Crostini).

The solution for accessing my cloud files there was easy, but probably not available to you if you don’t have a chromebook. I simply went to the ChromeOS file manager and “shared” the applicable google drive directory with Linux, and then that directory became accessible to all my LInux apps (including cryptomator) at /mnt/chromeos/GoogleDrive/…

So again that probably isn’t relevant for anyone who doesn’t use Chrome OS. But I did have a difficulty along the way which might be relevant to other Linux users (I’m not sure). The flatpak install of cryptomator for whatever reason could never see those google drive files (even though my other Linux apps like Nautilus file manager could). I uninstalled and reinstalled several times (in fact I rebuilt my entire Linux configuration several times to make sure I wasn’t screwing something up) and my Flatpak install of cryptomator never could see that directory. So i tried AppImage “install” of cryptomator instead, and that found my shared cloud directory no problem. And furthermore the appimage install of cryptomator had no problem creating a mount point for all my other Linux apps to see the unencrypted contents of the vault when it was unlocked (which is something the Android cryptomator app installed on that same chromebook couldn’t do for other Android apps). TLDR on my chromebook, the AppImage install of cryptomator could see my cloud files but the flatpak install of cryptomator could not.

If you don’t have the OS support of chromeOS to make your cloud directory available to Linux, then rclone sounds like a good way to do it to me fwiw (although i’ve never done it myself and somewhat of a noob to these things)