Sync issues with Nextcloud

Hello there!

I am aware of that I communicate with the community and developers of Cryptomator and not with Nextcloud. However, I’m really annoyed that I always have issues with Nextcloud and the process of syncing. I just created a new Cryptomator vault in my Nextcloud folder and I wanted to upload some “backup files”. I got this error as expected :frowning:


Does anyone know here how I can resolve this issue? Or does anyone here have similar issues?


The Nextcloud client provides some error code, such as Internal Server Error 500 or something like that.


Hi Mattis,

I don’t have an answer but I do have an alternative. My approach is to use the native NextCloud sync client to keep the vault on my NextCloud instance as well as on my Linux machine and my wife’s Windows PC. So far this has worked well for me.


Hey Don!

That’s obviously the way to sync the encrypted files with the cloud, anyway. Since Cryptomator is the encryption software, not the software talking to the cloud. I use the native Nextcloud client to sync the files with the server.