Sync file between iPhone and desktop

H can I save a file at iPhone with the cryptomator app and open it on my laptop (win10)?

Yes that’s possible.

Can you teach me how?
I created a cryptomator vault in my iPhone with Dropbox as a cloud service. I uploaded files to vault. I tried to add this vault to my cryptomator desktop app but I get an error about drive D does not exist :upside_down_face:

Please check if your sync is completely done. Then describe exactly what you are doing, what the app does and shan’t you expect that the app should do.

If your sync is completely done and all vault files are available on your pc, adding a vault should work without problems.

Thanks for your response
It did successfully sync the files from the dropbox to my desktop app eventually.
Then I add a file to the desktop vault, copied all folders and files back to my dropbox and try to sync it to the other direction back to my iphone.
How can I sync it back to my iphone cryptomator app?
Should I delete the exist vault from my ios cryptomator app and add an exist vault from my dropbox?

The iphone app does connect directly to your online vault. No need to sync anything to your phone. Just enable the connection to your vault in your drop box.
So yes, just add your existing dropbox vault to the iOS app.

PS: why do you copy manually to dropbox? I recommend using the dropbox client for keeping your locla files and your online files synced

I have more that 8GB on my Dropbox account and I don’t want to download all this storage to my pc. This why I’m not using the Dropbox client

You have to in order to use Cryptomator on your Desktop computer. For more info, read