Sync encrypted backup to cloud automatically

I’m new to Cryptomator as I’m looking for an alternative to Viivo which announced that it will stop the service next year.

Currently, I’m using Viivo to sync all my files to OneDrive to give me the following benefits:

  • all files are encrypted locally and zipped before transferred to OneDrive

  • Viivo automatically syncs any changed files and so does OneDrive
    local data <---- Viivo —> local data (encrypted and zipped) <— OneDrive —> cloud data (encrypted and zipped)
    This means any changes, either done locally or in the cloud, will sync across automatically

  • cloud data is available to all my devices (iMac, iPhone, Windows laptop)

I’ve started playing around with Cryptomator and Cyberduck in order to find a way to recreate my current setup but I’m struggling to find a combination that works in the same way.

I can setup a Cryptomator vault but the problem is that it doesn’t sync any changes; that’s when I thought using Cyberduck might help as it has a “synchronise” option. However, it still only synchronises if I manually request synchronisation. And what’s worse, it doesn’t sync deleted files properly. If I delete a file locally and then perform a sync, the file is put back from the cloud; if I delete the file in the cloud (even when doing this within the Cyberduck browser) it also syncs the file back from the local copy.

Is there any way I can do what I’m trying to achieve with Cryptomator and/or Cyberduck?
If not, is there anything else I could use?

Cheers M

Hi M,

Cryptomator does nothing bit encrypt the files in your vault.
If your vault is placed within your local “OneDrive” directory, the OneDrive app will do the sync
If you open/update/create your documents/files directly from/in your Vault , there’s nothing more to do, because OneDrive App will do the sync.
If you copy your documents from a local folder to the vault, maybe for a backup purpose, then you’ll have to use a backup software for the sync between you local storage and your vault.
(Maybe this post will help for that case)

Thanks Michael - I am aware the Cryptomator won’t do the sync but I thought Cyberduck would give that it has a “synchronise” option; just looked on Cyberduck’s list of tickets and found that someone had already raised the same issue with deleted files 12 years ago!!!

So maybe I need to do this
local data <---- rsync —> local Cryptomator vault (encrypted) <— OneDrive —> cloud data (encrypted)