Sync data with android file system

Hi, I have windows app working with google drive working fine. Recently I bought the android app, but can not find any way how to synchronize a folder from android file system with the vault. I can open only single files and only from the app it self or copy a file / folder to android fs. But no real sharing and most importantly way to move/copy to the vault.

Am I missing something obvious? How can I access the vault from my file manager? I did not see any example on the help page :frowning:

I am asking here because I did not find any support contact. And the app was not cheap so I want to make use of it.


That’s not how the mobile apps work. Please see here for a documentation.

There is no sync between a local storage and an online storage. You connect directly to the online storage. Or you decide to have your vault only local, then you connect to a local storage.

In addition to @Michael’s post, accessing the vault content using e.g. a file manager will be one of the next features that we are tackling…

Hi Michael, thanks for the response.
This seems like quite essential feature to me and based on other comments I am not the only one.
I have thunders of machine generated files and the thought of managing them from the app is quite ridiculous. Even for browsing pictures or audio is this basically unusable.

If I can not sync my files the app is worthless to me :-(.
I would like to know how can I get my money back. How can I request that?
I want to pay for it only if this functionality is there.

I wish this was explicitly highlighted somewhere or even better you provide a trial version of the app so this can be avoided.

Assuming you bought the app via Googles playstore, you can request a refund there (just like it is for other playstore apps)

According to google I must ask the developer, there is no direct contact so you (this forum) is the closed thing :-).
I believe there is very short window to do it on play store anyway. Not enough time to setup the cloud storage, install it on pc and test everything.

You can initiate a refund directly within 14 days after the purchase. If the application doesn’t fit your needs, you can contact us at any time. Just send us your Google mail address and we will initiate the refund.

from google play:


We received your refund request of CZK 269.99 for Cryptomator, Transaction ID GPA.xxxxxxxxxxxx, but we can’t provide a refund for this purchase because it doesn’t meet our policy. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Where should I send my contact information? (I don’t want to put my personal information in this forum thread). Is there an official support email? I can send it to your public email, you choice.

I sent a direct message earlier asking you to send me the google mail address…

The mail address above is my private one and is not associated with Cryptomator.

i know google like to do arms race /w developers.
I don’t blame ctmt on the document provider thing.

but now when I open a vault hosted on google drive,
yeah i can open it.

but the PDF i want is placed under 10 folders away from the main directory.
clicking 10 times into it is quite silly when I want to discuss it with my co-worker.
Add to it, each click cause it to load for a lot of time!

addition to that, i just found there is no “favorite” file, or “export link”.
with out this, sometime i got screen off or whatever the file is closed,
I have to do the silly thing again.

any solution to this?
do guys at ctmt use the app themselves?

I have to say the desktop version, after using FUSE/dokany/winfsp, is good (as good as other competitors)

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