Sync Cryptomator Windows with GMX Tresor App - How?

I would like to open the container generated with the new gmx tresor android app with the real Cryptomator windows since open source is mandatory for me. How do I do this?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. But if you intend to open a gmx Tresor with cryptomator: This will not work. You can not encrypt files with gmx tresor and decrypt them again with cryptomator. These are complete different technics.

Hi Michael, I assume, you are not right. the gmx tresor is based on Cryptomator. Gmx tresor created a masterkey.cryptomator file which is only named differently (tresor something). But it seems that these vaults are made incompatible on purpose. It would be wonderful if I could use the open source version for Windows namely Cryptomator itself.

These are complete different technics.

Well in fact they are closely related, but not compatible. The encryption itself is 100% the same, but the key derivation has an additional parameter, a so-called pepper. This incompatibility is by design.

Cryptomator does not currently support entering a pepper in the unlock screen. Even if we did add it, we wouldn’t be able to bundle and distribute the peppers used by GMX and

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Ok, this means there is no way to access the GMX vaults on at least one OS via open source software? Or is there another option?