Sync between Windows and Iphone

Hi all,

I have 1 question. Does cryptomator differ between windows and iphone? Reason I asked is because:

  1. Installed cryptomator both in windows and iphone.
  2. All file transfer is done using windows.

However, when I open up the cryptomator in iphone, the folder created in windows does not appears in my iphone.

Appreciate all the help I can get as I am going crazy because of this.

Thank you.

I guess the sync to your cloud provider has finished?
Which provider do you use? If iCloud, then you have to store your vault inside a folder called „Cryptomator“.
You can test it. Just create a vault with your iPhone. After that check out your iCloud. Now you see your new vault inside the Cryptomator folder. (There’s also a file created with explanations.

Place/move your vault that you have created with windows in the Cryptomator folder in iCloud. . Now you can ad the vault to your Cryptomator app on the iPhone.

Hi Michael,

I’m using dropbox. However, i’ve tried your method but my iphone cryptomator keeps shutting down.