Symbolic Link doesn't work (mklink)


I wanted to add a symbolic link from my documents folder in windows to a folder in the vault. Unfortunately there is a problem in windows webdav implementation as described in

The only solution that works is a normal link to the vault directory. But this is not really a practicable solution. After entering the linked folder the explorer goes to the vault. Although some programs didn’t handle the normal link and no access from document folder to the vault is possible.

What do you think is the best way to integrate vault folders to the document folder?

Thanks a lot

ok, got it why you want to have a symlink and why you think a normal link isn’t an appropriate workaround.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for you besides the workaround.
Maybe someone else.

Thanks for your reply,
I’m testing the combination cryptomator with mountain duck. I think this is a good solution for me, the network drive behave like a ntfs drive and so symlink is possible.