Suggestions and problem report

I’m start using Cryptomator and I have some suggestions for the Windows/Linux Desktop APP:

  • I suggest that in the Windows app it is possible to minimize the Cryptomator window and keep the encrypted drive open, with the icon next to the clock to manage the application. Currently it is only possible to minimize the window or close it.

  • It can also be interesting if it is possible for the desktop application to open a vault without installing the Drive application (Dropbox, Onedrive, WebDAV), as in the android version of Cryptomator. OneDrive, for example, does not have an official Linux version, Cryptomator could make it available in the same way as it does in the Android application.

  • I find some problems to move and delete some files in foldes with long names. Some windows erros intermittent erros says that the file is not in the origin local. Other, when I ttry to delete it, it simple stay in the folder. I cant delete it.

Thats all for now,

This is already implemented. If you close the cryptomator window it is minimized into the tray. The vault is kept open (windows client)
Actually there a know issue with the tray icon that does not show the functions on right click.

If you want to, give Cyberduck a try for direct access to a cryptomator vault which is stored in the cloud.

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Oh, good. I was going to report this specific problem this morning. I’m glad it’s already known!