[Suggestion] Self-Sync

Can we give the Cryptomator desktop app the ability to sync encrypted files by itself like the iOS app? I don’t want to install clients for Onedrive and Google Drive to my desktop because I use their online versions.

I don’t understand your question. In principle, Cryptomator encrypts data and keeps them locally on your Hard Disk. Crypromator doesn’t sync files, and it doesn’t upload files either. Then, it’s your Cloud software that uploads (or synchronizes) the already encrypted data onto the cloud.

Do not compare it with the iOS app. The iOS app has some extra features for functionality purposes.

It’s best that you install the client on your desktop. Otherwise, you can take the encrypted Vault of Cryptomator and upload it to your Drive via browser manually, and do it again and again every time you make a change to a file. But I would find this annoying.

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It is not planned to add any cloud specific code to the desktop app.

Have you consideres installing any third party sync software that supports Google Drive but isn‘t affiliated with Google?

I just found out about odrive. I think I’ll use this for syncing now.

Let us know about your experience with oDrive.
Having had a quick look, oDrive’s code is not open source, and you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. For me these are minuses because they don’t give me the independence and trust that Crypromator gives me. I also believe that it would have been less of hustle for you if you had instead used Spideroak or Tresorit that combine encryption with storage in one price.

Well there’s one problem with Tresorit, it’s not open source, at least I don’t think it is. Also, it’s kinda pricey. odrive doesn’t charge for basic functionality which includes many features.