[Suggestion] Features of Cryptomator app for mobile devices


I’ve bought Cryptomator app on my Android phone and found that it’s fairly simple just like an encryp/decrypt application without content browsing functions. I hope it can support photo, video playback from vault without exporting. Yes, more like Boxcryptor’s app.


Hi and welcome in the community :tada:.

In the Android app, some file types like basic pictures (png, jpg, gif, etc) and basic text files (txt, md, todo, etc) are already displayed in built-in editors. Others can be opened in 3party apps.

We always try to increase the file types we can handle directly. The only thing missing from your list is the video playback when I understand you correct?

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On Cryptomator mobile (Android) I would love the following functionality:

  • File sorting
  • View type (Grid/List)
  • Image/video preview thumbnail