Suggest author try use gpt4 to help the development

the topic may look un relevant here, but it’s my own experience.

gpt4 can build the backbone, i’ll say 50% to 75% working,
and you only need to human input that the remaining 25% or something.

for cryptomator, i think this worth to do.
ofcause you have to debug and troubleshoot, cryptomator is a security software.

you may see below to see why i say so. thanks

v-----below is my experience /w gpt4 and VBA for mindmanager macro
i am a long user of a mind map program called mindmanager,
but i only have little knowledge of programming (indeep did studied introduction in basic/pascal/logo/C/VB at high school/college, but no chance to apply it).
and i long dreamed for macros in mindmanager, which is in VBA (differnt to VB).

recenlty, i used gpt4, i can ask it for a script and it could write up for me.
for this particular case, the code is only 50% working, complexed by mindmanager indeep use winwrap and not exactly VBA, also mindmanager is not popular. so the codes may not run directly, and need me to “translate” them back to winwrap and mindmanager api.

but i could finish 3 VBA with gpt4 in a single afternoon!
which i dreamed of for years!
i started using mindmanger from 2004 something, really almost 20years.

I would absolutely ZERO percent trust any encryption software written by artificial “intelligence” and you shouldn’t either.


the dev of ctmt is really unsatisfying, something really need to change.

GPT4 is a language model, not some magic code generator. The code it generates may work but is far from trustworthy. I would not put anything it makes into a program like this, let alone as a backbone.

Care to elaborate?