"Stream" access in desktop like in smartphone App

I think that it could be interesting to implement a feature that allows the user to open a vault without having it downloaded locally. It is similar to what happens in the mobile app, you can access a vault but this vault is not downloaded in the mobile memory (only the elements you open are cached in the local memory).

So, thinking this feature is already implemented for mobile, would it be difficult to “port” it to desktop versions?

A possible use case is that I have a vault full of pictures and I need to access to a particular picture (or many) from another computer that is not mine. Instead of downloading the full vault, I could only access with my Dropbox account and then mount the vault. Just like the mobile version does.

I’m not proposing to replace the actual working of the desktop app, but instead give the user this 2 options.

I guess this is interesting for you.

Nice. Just what I was looking for. Any alternative for Linux?