Strange WebDAV Problem on Android

Hi, how are you?

I was using the Cryptomator app successfully on Android for about 1 month. I made no changes to Android or Cryptomator or the login config. I also can access the same vault on Ubuntu with no problems. However, suddenly the Android app has stopped working in the following manner:

When I remove and add the existing WebDAV vault in Cryptomator, I select the master key file and see it fine (so it logs into WebDAV correctly). However, when I then see it in Cryptomator and click it to open the vault, it says “Vault not found” and that it has been renamed, moved or deleted - even though I just found it successfully and added it 2 seconds prior. I remove it and try again, but it’s just the same loop. This never happened before, all login details are unchanged, etc.

This is 1.5.18 from F-Droid … Android 10 / API29 on moto g(7) play

Here are some log entries:

I 20210728114711.649 App Cryptomator v1.5.18 (2331) F-Droid Edition started on android 10 / API29 using a moto g(7) play
I 20210728114711.841 Database Configure v6
I 20210728114711.842 Database Open v6
I 20210728114711.943 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@d61991f
I 20210728114712.077 App Cryptors service connected
I 20210728114712.079 App Cryptors service connected
I 20210728114712.081 App Auto upload service connected
I 20210728114714.267 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.VaultListActivity@640f1a8
I 20210728114716.882 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.ChooseCloudServiceActivity@ab3b2fd
I 20210728114748.326 CryptorsService ScreenLock received, destroying cryptors and shutting down service
I 20210728114753.825 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.ChooseCloudServiceActivity@ab3b2fd
I 20210728114756.324 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.CloudConnectionListActivity@6cfa1b3
I 20210728114757.584 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.ChooseCloudServiceActivity@ab3b2fd
I 20210728114757.930 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.BrowseFilesActivity@743d268
I 20210728114800.385 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.VaultListActivity@640f1a8
I 20210728114835.254 CryptorsService ScreenLock received, destroying cryptors and shutting down service
I 20210728114855.510 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.VaultListActivity@640f1a8
I 20210728114859.385 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@b9c18f2
I 20210728115021.426 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@b9c18f2
I 20210728115054.075 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@a789b54
I 20210728115056.775 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@a13fc6b
I 20210728115103.252 CryptorsService ScreenLock received, destroying cryptors and shutting down service
I 20210728115103.495 ActivityLifecycle onResume org.cryptomator.presentation.ui.activity.SettingsActivity@a13fc6b

Thank you for any help!

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Sounds like you run into this issue Vault is root folder of the cloud · Issue #236 · cryptomator/android · GitHub?

That did it! Thank you!

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