Storage of my vaults at Cryptomator

Hi there
Today my hard drive of all my vaults has definitively broken down. And I realize my backups were not good, so I lost many files.
I think about how to prevent doing this again. Add a new hard drive is an option, but it’s not so secure (outage, steal,…).
I don’t want to give my money to a major of the net (Google, Dropbox,…). So maybe I say a big mistake, but I think I would be ok to give my money for a Cryptomator hosting. I don’t talk about synchronizarion and all these stuffs, just a way to upload the encrypted files, so have an external backup of my vaults.
I don’t know if you have already answer to this (and it’s probably “not” :slight_smile: but it could be another way to support the developement of the tool.
Cheers !

I dunno actually how to answer on that :smile:

We are flattered by your idea, but hosting something would only mean addtional work,costs and worries for us. If you really wanna help us, donate money, contribute to the development and spread the word! (;
Especially the second part would be great, we are not many and always glad about some additional human power, doesn’t matter if its only forum support or real development.

And regarding the upload: You don’t have to choose one of the big companies out there, but in contrast to us evey cloud provider has knowledge and support about hosting and so on (;

Ok I understand :slight_smile:
I don’t know enought of the program to help in the forum, and I am not a developer. Maybe I could test new versions, and tell you if I found bugs ?

Anyway, I will search host to copy my vault. It’s when you lost files you understand you need to improve your backups :wink:

From a security perspective it is not even the best idea to have both hosting and encryption done by the same company. With us having no contact with your data whatsoever, we can not secretly have any interest in your data.


I am not sure if it helps: I give my money to Microsoft for an Office 365 abo and I get 1 TB of space at OneDrive included. So I have my vaults localy and on OneDrive - synced in real time. Also I do a backup on an external HDD (formerly I used a Synology Diskstation).
Cheers, Mirko

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Nice choice, but I am a Linux/FOSS user, I won’t give a cent to the GAFAM :wink: