Stop/uninstall cryptomator-vault service, free up ports

i needed to uninstall cryptomator on my working notebook, since it was always using port 8103, which i needed in the development of something. Before i had to find out all the time under which pid cryptomator was using that port now (netstat -ao) and then taskkill it since it was not listst in the taskmanager.
But now nothing has changed, i uninstalled cryptomator, but still there is somewhere a service called “cryptomator-vault” that is again listening on some ports including 8103. How can i uninstall this service? Services.msc and msconfig dont show me anything about it.
Thanks for any help, this is really stealing my time.


Cryptomator only uses one single listening TCP port, if (and only if) using WebDAV for mounting the virtual drive. The default port is 42427, unless you reconfigure it to 8103 in its settings.

If you want to free this port, you can either change it to something else or use WinFSP (or Dokany 1.x) for mounting the drive.

Regarding cryptomator-vault: There is no such service. It is just an alias for “localhost”, because MS Office has problems writing to WebDAV drives on “localhost”. I don’t know what gave you the impression there was a service. There isn’t.

Oh ok, then it is not Cryptomator using the port. But it is a bit weird that when i use netstat-ao to show me, who is using what port, almost all remote addresses are called cryptomator:vault when it is already uninstalled

I guess this is due to the fact that cryptomator-vault is not removed during uninstall. You can safely remove it from C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts using some text editor that you run as admin. This won’t affect other applications.

netstat should show those ports as “localhost” again. Apparently it uses the last loopback alias it can find in the hosts file.

Ah nice, now its localhost again. Thanks:)