Stop cryptomator dedicated or simply shutdown PC

what is best practice? Is it required to dedicated shut down cryptomator if you want to finish working, or is it o.k. to simply shutdown your (windows) notebook /pc?

Thank you!

Cryptomator will not care, if it is just killed.

However you might want to explicitly unmount the drive, if you want to make sure no file is harmed. If you do this via the Cryptomator GUI or just via Windows Explorer, doesn’t matter.

To be more precise: If an active write access to the drive is interrupted, that file might end up half the size it is intended to be. Any files already residing on the encrypted drive are safe, though.


thank you for answering!
But there are no other (cryptomator-system internal) write accesses to the tresor,
beside me editing/saving/closing files? i. E. if I take care for my files to be completely
written to tresor, I should be safe to simply shutdown PC.

With regard to “safely written” “locking Tresor” is equal to “unmount”, right?

Some onecklick “Unmount all” at click or rightclick on systray Icon of Cryptomator would be nice.
Hmm, there is a (very) small empty window coming up on rightclick, bug, faulty install or regular?

Hmm, isn´t there a way to schedule an action “on shutdown” in taskmanager or using policies?
I think I have seen backup Software using this, and these definitely do need their time to complete
before shutdown (like cryptomator may need time to finish writing)?
… simply to do everything to automatically (by CM-setup) not have files corrupted in cryptomator?

There might be some access by the operating system writing stuff like thumbs.db, but yes „your“ files would be safe.

In this case, yes. You can have a vault unlocked but not mounted, if you want to use third party WebDAV tools, though.

Good idea!

If you‘re using a HiDPI display this is a known upstream bug.

We try to unmount everything gracefully during shutdown, but there is no guarantee, since we can only kindly ask the OS to do so and can‘t influence it ourselves.