Static WebDAV and/or Volume Paths

Hello, I am a new user running Sierra.

Is it possible to force the WebDAV/volumes to be the same ones every time I mount and unmount them?
Currently they keep incrementing. For example:

  1. Create and mount new drive named “mydrive”
    -volume is in path “volumes/mydrive-1”
  2. Eject/unmount “mydrive”
  • Mount “mydrive”
    -volume is in path “volumes/mydrive-2”

I need either the WebDAV or the visable volume path to remain static across mounts so I can have other programs look in my drive.

Thanks for any help!!

Unfortunately, this is a bug in Sierra:

It worked fine in El Capitan and it seems to be fixed in High Sierra. I don’t think it’ll ever be fixed by Apple in Sierra.

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Aw… I don’t want to update my hackintosh! Lol

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: