Standard user folders in cryptomator vault?

is it possible to move standard user folders (e.g. documents, musik, desktop…) into a cryptomator vault?
Especially thinking to the OS start when these folders are not pressent immediately.

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For windows:
technically thats possible (e.g. see here), but I (and various other people) recommend not to do that. Because these folders are integrated so deep in the OS.
If you google that, you will find various reports where users are complaining about difficulties when it comes to user-folders detection when installing software and other problems.
PS: you can not move the user-directory itself, but you can set new paths for eg, music, documents, etc folders.

If a folder does not exists (because the vault is locked), I assume that windows will create it again in the user-directory.

If you want to encrypt your local system, I recommend the encryption provided by the OS, or third party apps like Veracrypt, that are designed for the encryption of local partitions.