SSL Error with Private NAS

I’ve been using WebDAV service on my Synology NAS, with a valid certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

No error occurred when using other apps with WebDAV, but Cryptomator showed “SSL Error” when trying to connect.

Is it possible to trust/ignore SSL problems? As Cryptomator uses end-to-end encryption, it’s unlikely that data will be insecure.

And any clues or tips regarding this issue is appreciated!

Hi, are you connecting with the exact same (external) URL as the certificate is valid for?
eg ,

if you are on an internal network, and connect on the local range eg 192.168.x.x you will get a certificate error, as the lets encrypt is only valid for the external domain name.

webdav uses a custom port on most synology devices, i think 5006 for SSL, so be sure you are specifiying the port when connecting.

Im going from memory here as i dont have webdav installed on a Syno right now, but hopefully this helps.

I use also ssl certificates ( QNAP NAS ) and when I use it internally is have added hostname.domainname in hostfile to point to internal IP addres of NAS.
Now you can use hostname.domainname also internally incl. encrypted connection

When using outsite the door, I flip my hostfile without this entry.
Now you work with hostname.domainname externally.

Yes, that really makes sense. I checked again and made it work outside. In addition, @jgswinkels solved it for local network. Thank you all! :smiley:

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