Spotlight and Cryptomator

I used to use Boxcryptor for my cloud security (using OneDrive) It worked fine with Spotlight on my Mac.

I can’t find any way to make Cryptomator work with Spotlight.

When Cryptomator is running unlocked (it’s auto unlocked when I start up the computer), I can see my cloud files (on OneDrive). Why can’t Spotlight see them? This is causing me a lot of hassle and problems. I use an automated file management system called Hazel. Hazel checks Spotlight to get the MetaData for files before performing certain actions. It was no problem with Boxcryptor. Now I just get error messages.

Spotlight on a Mac indexes files making it quick and easy to find them or to perform other automated file actions. In this case, I want Hazel to perform those actions on the files in Cryptomator while it is unlocked.

Am I missing something? Is there any way to force Spotlight to index these files?

See here: